Foreword ambassador


The Republic of Suriname is the most forested country in the world and one of only three countries in the world that is carbon negative.

In Suriname we live among nature, with nature and we want to keep it that way. Suriname is 163,820 km² in size and 93% of that area covered in forest, much of it untouched and pristine. Which truly makes us part of the lungs of the earth.

Our Embassy is currently accredited to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union (EU) and the Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP). We also represent Suriname in the CARIFORUM group of Ambassadors Brussels, CELAC-EU group, the OIC Ambassadors Brussels, the WCO.

Together with our international partners, we will be able to create a wealthy green society with exceptional health care and educational opportunities, where people can live sustainably and prosperously. Suriname is the 17the richest country in the world regarding resources, which means that we are rich in natural resources such as water, gold, gas, oil, bauxite and timber. 

Suriname has enough fertile land to supply agricultural products for the Caribbean and various other countries and regions in the world. 

The power and the tenacity of the Surinamese people is our cultural diversity. In my country people from African descent, Indian, Asian, White, Muslim, Christians and Jews live together like brothers and sisters. We have many problems to overcome, but I am confident that Suriname will fulfill its potential.

We strive to be a great ally for our friends around the world. 

I invite you to come and enjoy the most forested country in the world... come swim in our rivers, enjoy the wildlife, bathe in the Caribbean sun, breathe clean Rainforest air, and come and enjoy our food. It is time to come back to nature…

Come and see

Ambassador Gilbêrt van Lierop